Truckers / Hauliers

Truckers handle the movement of goods from the Terminal Operators' locations to warehouses and customers' premises.

Organizations operating as Freight Forwarders handle the shipment of customers' goods on their behalf, handling the booking and management of shipping agents.

How will things change?

Many elements of the PCS have been designed to streamline those industry processes involving truckers who have traditionally needed to carry out their day to day operations with the use of paper-based transactions. The release of goods to truckers, for example, requires physically authorized documents including Delivery Orders, Gate-Passes, Customs Releases, Terminal Releases, Container Appointments & Trucker Licensing permits.

Most of these documents will either be digitized or will no longer be required. With that in mind, truckers will be able to collect containers without paper documentation. The Terminals' staff will be able to vet container appointments online and release goods by checking authorizations in the PCS.

Additionally, truckers will benefit from the enhancements provided by a standardized appointment system, dedicated to the collection of containers at Terminals. This will allow truckers to plan and utilize their resources more efficiently. They will no longer need to attend at the terminals until their containers are ready for collection, resulting in considerable savings for these organizations.

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