Shipping Agents

Whether by sea or air, Shipping Agents and their associated carriers handle all the processes associated with managing the safe and speedy passage of customer goods around the globe.

In their day-to-day operations they must interact with many stakeholders throughout the local and international port community. For the purposes of the PCS, they must interact with Customs, Terminals, Customs Brokers and many other players.

How will things change?

Various pieces of documentation that were traditionally used by shipping agents will be removed or digitized.

For example, those shipping agents who do not have their own manifest creation systems (or simply Microsoft Excel) can use the PCS' web application to create and submit manifests and amendments to customs. Those agents who have their own systems can transmit the manifests to the PCS electronically via electronic data interchange formats.

The manifest is only one piece of information that will be digitized. Other documents include transhipment bills and dock receipts.

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