Shipper / Consignee

Whether for personal or commercial purposes, many local individuals and organizations engage in "across border" trade activities with various global markets, particularly with North America and China. Be it final products such as food, cars and clothes or raw material such as gypsum and alumina, Jamaica is locked into trading relationships that make a significant contribution to the country's GDP.

As the final customers of Jamaica's Port Community, it is these stakeholders who will ultimately benefit the most from the capabilities of the PCS platform.

How will things change?

Other than those large players which handle shipping activities internally, stakeholders in this category will generally not interact with the PCS directly, outside of being notified electronically about shipment or clearance activities surrounding their goods. That being said, day-to-day trade operations will be improved due to greater import/export efficiencies provided across the port community, by the PCS.

Given that the export process will be shortened and streamlined, farmers and food manufacturers exporting goods, for example, will be able to deliver fresher, higher quality products, to international markets ahead of regional competition. On the other hand, with a simpler and more predictable import process, hoteliers, cruise operators and retailers, for example, can reasonably and competitively import a diverse array of foreign products required to satisfy a wide range of clientele.

While enabling visibility, the PCS will also standardize various shipping activities which will serve to level the playing field, ensuring equitability for all stakeholders in doing business transactions with both private and public stakeholders. This will ultimately serve to reduce corruption in the industry, bettering Jamaica's perception in the global marketplace.

Through business intelligence, the PCS will provide access to national import/export trade statistics which will allow many players across the industry to avoid waste, prioritize product categories, target markets and ensure profitable price points for their products, enhancing sustainability across the marketplace.

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