The Port Authority of Jamaica

The Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ), in particular, is in charge of regulating, securing and improving port activities across the country. Moving forward, some of its players will play a direct role in using and managing the PCS while others will benefit from the information contained within.

How will things change?

Through the PCS, the PAJ's Harbor Master, will handle the announcement of various vessels' arrival and departure within Jamaica's national waters, which is critical to the tracking of goods for different industry players. The Pilotage department, on behalf of shipping agents, handles the safe and timely movement of shipping agents' vessels within our waters. The PCS will provide them with a more structured and reliable pilotage request platform which will boost the efficiency of its pilots.

On the other hand, the PAJ will benefit from better decision making capabilities, as enhanced by the wealth of business intelligence to be derived from the PCS.