Government Agencies

Various Government agencies participate in the trade process as regulators, being responsible for the safe and efficient import/export of goods, in accordance with Jamaican law. Some of these stakeholders include:

  • Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation
    • The Port Authority of Jamaica o Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce
    • Trade Board
    • Bureau of Standards
  • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Unit
    • Veterinary Services Division
    • Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Unit
  • Ministry of Health
    • Pesticide Control Authority
    • Pharmaceutical Division
    • Public Health Division
  • Jamaica Promotion Corporation
  • eGov Jamaica Ltd.

How will things change?
The relevant agencies will benefit from the early and consistent provision of information, such as the manifest, required to carry out their assessment of shipments. This helps them to effectively plan and utilize their resources at various locations across the island.