Web Interface


The PCS platform is an advanced toolset for the entire Jamaican port community. The majority of its functionality is implemented in an online web application which is accessible to stakeholders throughout the industry. Having been customized to satisfy Jamaica's requirements, it integrates with many different public and private organizations including Customs, Shipping Terminals, Warehouses and Government bodies.

With a minimalist design the PCS boasts a high-quality user interface, allowing users to quickly complete many core logistics transactions from the comfort of their offices, their homes and even from abroad. Whether they use desktop computers, tablets or smartphones, the PCS' web interface is optimized to provide a user-friendly and efficient experience for stakeholders using its entire tool-base.


Many small stakeholders across the industry do not possess the appropriate yet costly IT-based tools they require to efficiently complete many core transactions. Resorting to tools such as Microsoft Excel has rendered administrative efforts counter-productive and ineffective. The resultant business delays and documentary errors further spin-off into negative perceptions amongst potential clientele.

Fortunately, the PCS' web interface will allow all stakeholders to utilize and benefit from a single, standardized user platform. This will ensure a level playing field by reducing administrative errors and increasing stakeholder work output across the board.

Further, the web interface is a part of the greater single-submission PCS ecosystem which integrates and hosts re-usable data from many different stakeholders. Relevant and approved stakeholders will enjoy the fact that much of the data they would have traditionally spent days recreating for their own purposes would already exist in the system.