Voyage Management


The PCS manages information about the calls of various cargo carriers doing business within Jamaica. It allows shipping agents to pre-register, in a standard interface, various details including the arrival and departure of the carriers under their charge. In order to improve the agents’ efficiency, it allows for call registrations well in advance of arrival, as well as on a repeating basis. Similar calls can also be duplicated for ease of action.

The module also allows agents to quickly designate freight agents (e.g. NVOCC) submitting cargo for inclusion on their arrival and departure voyages. This allows the freight agents to associate the voyage with their own manifests which they can independently submit or create inside the PCS.

Once vessels enter Jamaica’s national space, the PCS maintains a database of vessel movement checkpoints for further dissemination to various stakeholders.


Traditionally, vessel call information has existed in silos all around the port community and with no agreed standards, there was no synergy between stakeholders operating and interacting with one another. Stakeholders would often face serious pains due to the resulting errors, delays and confusion. Pain points span the range of simple administrative issues to the more serious issues surrounding goods clearance and vessel departure delays.

The PCS forms a central hub for the collection, management and dissemination of various portions of information surrounding industry processes. By providing an industry wide service for management of vessel calls and scheduling, it will standardize and simplify the