The PCS, operating as a single window platform, allows shipping agents an optimized and stress-free method of handling transhipment. Given that the majority of the information that is traditionally entered on the transhipment bill is already stored in the PCS (under the manifest entry), shipping agents only have to select the goods to be transhipped using the PCS' online user interface. In comparison with current tools utilized across the industry, studies show this method will reduce the time to complete transhipment documentation by 88%.


Shipping Agents
These stakeholders have traditionally been burdened with manual data entry efforts associated with handling transhipments. Averaging a few hundred containers per transhipment bill, administrative staff were expected to complete bills within a week, as well as ensure total accuracy, to avoid incorrect shipments and the associated penalties.

The PCS allows the shipping agent to avoid the manual search/entry of individual container numbers and other critical pieces of information, drastically cutting the cost and effort required for timely completion.