Message Broker


The PCS is inherently a message brokerage platform and as Jamaica's central hub for trade and logistics information, it will handle the secure passage of data between different stakeholders across the local and international port community. While many perceive it as an online web application, the platform works autonomously in the background to manage secure and efficient electronic data interchange. While it can easily move data using various methods, it also excels at message parsing and production and has been built to utilize/create files of almost any format required by the port community.

Some Message Types Are:

  • EDIFact
  • Ansi-X12
  • XML
  • CSV

Interchange Methods Are:

  • Web Services
  • E-mail


Traditionally, players throughout the maritime & logistics industry have communicated using electronic data interchange (EDI) files of various formats for different types of business data, such as manifests, load/discharge lists and gate operation reports. While some organizations had custom-made tools, others would use less effective but readily available tools such as spreadsheet software. Due to the size and complexity of these documents they were often either error-laden or incompatible and required significant correctional efforts. This would often result in delayed processing activities which could spin off into more serious problems including vessel and goods clearance delays, low terminal productivity and short-shipments. It was also left up to them to handle information distribution using electronic means and where their systems failed or proved incapable, they resorted to delivery of physical prints via bearer. As one can imagine, that came with its own set of problems for the industry.

The PCS will lift this burden off the shoulders of stakeholders. Akin to an intelligent post office, it will receive and sort messages from various stakeholders then parse, re-format and deliver to approved, relevant parties. This is done quickly and effortlessly, all the while maintaining data confidentiality. Those users who were traditionally limited to inappropriate tools can now make use of the PCS' online user interface which will allow them to create and disseminate all their shipping documentation in a more reliable and timely manner.