Business Intelligence and Reporting


Once all of the modules within the JamaicaPCS are fully deployed within the Port Community, various members of the Community will be able to create and request various reports surrounding their transactions as well as those third-party activities surrounding goods in their charge. The PCS’ business intelligence component will also allow them to set individual Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) so that they may assess and manage their own company’s performance.


Even though the Jamaican shipping industry largely revolves around the country’s relatively small capital, much of the transactional and performance information surrounding stakeholder activities is, for one reason or another, held in tightly secured silos. This invisibility results in stakeholders’ inability to operate efficiently or to improve collectively.

While individual organizations will have the ability to pull basic reports on their own activities, the PCS platform will also gather, crunch and share statistics from many stakeholders around the industry, while maintaining confidentiality where necessary. Collective access to important commercial statistics will allow stakeholders industry-wide to make better operational and production business decisions. This should yield significant economic benefits for all parties involved.